“Fashion is what you're offered four times a year. What you select out of that fashion defines your personal style.

                  -THE FASHION OWL

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Anne Stills, Founder of Smashing Daily 

Anne Stills, native New Yorker and Francophile, has had a long love affair with fashion.  As a young girl growing up in Brooklyn, New York, she enjoyed custom designed dresses that her  mother styled and sewed. She was keenly aware of how her mom's selection of fabrics, colors and style reflected her tastes and personality . Watching her mom construct a garment from beginning to end gave Anne a strong appreciation for fine tailoring, details, fit and style. That was the beginning developement of her 7th sense, her "fashion sense."

This passion for fashion was further developed as a teenager,  flipping through the pages of Vogue and Bazaar magazines, month after month, year after year. Little did she know, she was training her eye and sharpening her skills to identify the elements of fashion styling. She worked in some of the best in class retail stores such as Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and I Magnin. She built a loyal following and became the go to person that clients called to assist them in building an enviable wardrobe.  As a student at Fashion Institute of Technology, in NYC, she studied Fashion Communication and Advertising and learned the language of fashion.

In her executive sales career in the hospitality and financial services industries she knew the importance of “Dress for Success”. In addition to her professional skills and expertise, she credits her success in business to her keen ability in knowing how to "package" herself visually for each business meeting with clients. She let the clothes speak before she uttered a word. She built an investment wardrobe that helped her to project a positive image. She stood out with confidence and authority.

She will use the same discipline and strategies she learned as a Private Client Banker to help you develop a positive image and build a smashing investment wardrobe: CONSULT to learn about your short and long term wardrobe goals, IDENTIFY what is in your current wardrobe and how that fits into your long term fashion plans, make RECOMENDATIONS and provide SOLUTIONS to refine and define your visual presentation.

With Anne's unmatched passion and eye for fashion she desires to help you find your own unique style, build an investment wardrobe that will tastefully reflect your personal flair to gain confidence and success. This is the mission of Smashing Daily™.

Contact us today to assist you in building an investment wardrobe or to book customized group shopping tours.


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